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    Setup a £15 per month DD and help combat food poverty on your doorstep.


Brief - Food Poverty and Health
In the UK, the poorer people are, the worse their diet, and the more diet-related diseases they suffer from. This is food poverty Poor diet is a risk factor for the UK’s major killers of cancer, coronary heart disease (CHD) and diabetes. Yet it is only in the past few years that the immense...

Food items you can donate
These are the food items you can donate • Tomato tins,• Packet or tinned soup• inned chick peas / kidney beans / spinach• Dried Pasta• Pasta sauces• Rice• Packed rotis• Sugar• Tea• Coffee• Biscuits• Honey / Jam• Cooking...

Informing Change
As part of its monitoring of poverty and social exclusion (see www.poverty.org.uk), the New Policy Institute has analysed how the rates of income poverty differ between ethnic groups and the reasons for some of these differences