How We Started
How We Started
Our principal aim is to serve humanity through addressing hunger

How We Started


Over the last few years we've supported many charitable projects overseas, most of which were related to education, or alleviating poverty in Pakistan. We even built up a strong track record of delivering soup kitchens, food parcels and large scale food projects during the Eid festival, which is where our principal aim - to serve humanity through addressing hunger – was realized.

But many of have lived our whole lives in the UK, and we've realized that food poverty issues here exist and can't be ignored. It's shocking to realize that millions of people struggle to provide food for themselves and their families. It's got so bad that people are resorting to crime and this in turn is affecting whole communities. Islamically, this is unacceptable, and we're obliged to take action.

Our objectives through MFP are to rollout a national network of food provision centres which can respond to the needs of the very poorest and most vulnerable amongst our communities.
The provision of food hampers and cooked food will be our core focus, but we'll be working with local agencies other providers to ensure we don't create long-term dependancies, and instead just help set people onto a stable and secure path to a better future Insha'Allah.

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